SBEU Retreat Resort, Lundu, Sarawak

Heard of SBEU Retreat before? Precisely, it is one of the latest resort we have in Lundu, Sarawak, at about 2 hours drive from the City itself, located at the vicinity of Siar Beach.

It belongs to the Union Bank group, where it was specially used for its staffs for their own private functions. Actually, not to my knowing as well, it was built in 2005, and only a few knew about its existence. Just about 6 months ago, it is opened to the public to be opted for their plans of vacations or just for a daily trip.

SBEU only accommodate for about 175 person, as there are only a few rooms, chalets, and penthouses ranging from RM 200+ – RM 400++ per night, and that is inclusive of breakfast and dinner, depending on which room you’d select. Not forgetting, on the daily trip charges they have for the public who wanted to use their deep-blue swimming pool.

Thus, for the past 2 weeks of school holidays, my family and I went for the weekend, and mind you, it was fully-booked throughout the holidays and we were so lucky that we had a room! And I managed to snap a few shots.

For the water-sport activities lovers out there, they do not provide any facilities on that so far like any other resorts typically do – jetskiing, bananaboat etc except on swimming at own risk. Siar beach is indeed a majestically mesmerizing beach which is crystal-clear, with pure white sands and the fact that it is sometimes muddy at certain of its spots. On the other hand, they are not providing any sports facilities at the moment and, the danger of this beach is that it has a very strong current and that it is advisable to play near the shore or if swimming is insisted, then it will be at your own risk. But anyway, to those who wanted their skin to be tanned, they can enjoy sunbathing without any disruption! I was talking to Mom about lying in great big bubble baths filled up to our chins with cherry blossoms, or even tasting sun showers, twirling around in the village sprinklers that watered the grass in the vicinity, or having a moon-lit dinner on the beach!

On day 1 – the arrival, we had a buffet dinner on which was served near the swimming pool. With dangling colourful lights around the pool, as well as the karaoke spot and a small cozy hut aside the beach, you would enjoy the yummylicious food with the blissful and catchy sound of the music. That night, we were served simple meals such as fried rice, fried mee, barbecued chicken wings and sausages as well as grilled lambs and indeed they were scrumptious! I am the type who adores scrolling around a new place, and it only takes you about 5-10 minutes to have a walk around to have a sneak peek of the hotel. Perhaps, we can freely lie on our backs in the field of the beach at night, catch as many falling stars as we could and then make all the wishes that the hearts desired, with the roars of the beach as the background.

Talking about breakfast. Served punctually as early as 7.30a.m. to heal all the squirming hungry tummies. In my opinion, the breakfast was much better as they had more choice – toast bread with kaya and butter, cereals, fried rice and noodles, scramble eggs and beans, tea and coffee, and the desserts – fruits!

Overall, as a starting, I’d rate this resort 6/10 for its grand opening to the public. Perhaps they are much more to be improved for the better!


~ by facesweeet on June 20, 2009.

One Response to “SBEU Retreat Resort, Lundu, Sarawak”

  1. im currently staying there with my family and the main reason i choose retreat because of the new chalets are impressive.we check in on sunday and everything fine for my chlidren since there keep busy with small fish pond nearby.we also having fun at swimming pool since were the only guest ( i think ) during the day.but our fun ends faster when our rooms cuts off from water supply at 6 first i just ignore the problem, perhaps its only temporary.Yet, until the next morning the water is still not tehere and i dont know to whom i should complain since there are nobody at the i thought we sholud go for breakfast instead at 740am.when we reached there,the cafe are still closed and the staff also are not there yet.but its still okay for me and i persuade my chlidren to take “bath” at swimming 9 we try again to have breakfast, but its turn to horror when we noticed a cook still not there and not wake up from sleep.Its make me piss off and i tell my chlidren we check out early to have a breakfast in town.we cannot have a proper bath since our room still dont have running… ist worth to stay there and pay as much as 4 star hotel can offer in kuching?the staff also dont say sorry for their negligence.My advise is if you want to stay there please come during weekend and the will serve you better.If you notice that there no other guest better not saty there because you will endup just like me…do you know what type of food they send to my room for breakfast ( to calm us )….2 small bowl of cereal, 4 toast bread with no butter of whatsoever and 7 small slices of fruit!the cost for you to get it outside is under RM7.i didnt give a damn and we didnt touch the food because im so frustrated.of coz it is the first and definitly the last for us.

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